Monday, May 22, 2006

Peru Election: Debate Links

The presidential debate between Alan Garcia and Ollanta Humala took place yesterday. According to what I have read, Garcia was a "winner by default", although Humala could stand up to him, leading some people to declare a tie.
I have compiled a list of internet resources for those of us who could not see the debate firsthand. I hope you find these resources helpful.

Peru Election 2006: Humala stands up to Garcia but scores no decisive victory. A nice round up with a summary of all topics discussed.

Peru Election 2006: A roundup of the international reactions to the debate.

El Comercio: Debate en TV, Elecciones 2006. This is El Comercio's debate page. It is divided by topic and clicking on them will lead to a page with short videos from the debate. Very interesting for those not living in Peru.

El Comercio: The debate, minute-to minute. Similar to a football match "Match-cast".

La Republica: An article on the debate, subtitled "much ado about nothing". According to the article, the same ideas as always were recycled once again. There was nothing new to look forward to.

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