Saturday, May 27, 2006

"Evo is here to stay"

Chavez and Cuban vice president Lage went to Evo's launch of campaign for the Constituent Assembly (read about it here). Chavez told the public, straight away, that
Evo is here to stay. The Constituent Assembly is just the beginning.
Well, something tells me he means every word. Even if Garcia Linera has openly disagreed with Evo's plans to support reelection and increase the mandate, thus casting doubts on MAS' official stand on the issue, chances are that his voice will not be heard when it matters.

Evo has not make any pronouncements either in favor or against reelection. He just said that it was the social groups and the people who wanted reelection, not him (I wonder how long will it take until he says that his presidency is God's will, destiny or something to that effect). Thus, as he is nothing but a public servant, and it is not his place to be in favor or against reelection, he will just have to obey the people. So, even if Garcia Linera could convince MAS to reject reelection, what can Evo do if the constituents, as voted for the people and representing the people want him there for the next two, three or five decades?

Do not be fooled by Garcia Linera. Even though his concern may be genuine -we will never know-, I'd rather listen to the real Bolivian ruler, Hugo Chavez.

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Blogger CandiaMan® said...

Shure thing, it is a common practice among the MAS's people to leak some, aparently random, information, so the next step would be a massive crowd suporting that leak, relection in this case, it already happened with autonomy, Garcia Linera said 'we are neutral', next thing, autonomy is overrated by the population.

So we can expect this relection thing to develope in the following weeks until it gains shape within the Constitutional Asembly.

Of course Chavez will make a copy/paste of his ridiculous constitution that legalizes dictatorship.

By the way, have you seen the cuban flags and che´s face all arround the Plaza Murillo´s Celebration, I Though we were bolivians, now i think we are most like ´Cubezuelans´ other words puppets in a experimental laboratory.

10:28 PM  
Blogger CandiaMan® said...

This is it, I just turned on tv and guess what is on TVB, the 'alo presidente' show, there is the usual table, chavez speaking and evo with his jaw drop wide open.

They are in a transmition, live from Tiwanaku, its oficial we are no longer bolivians we are something in beteween either cubans or venezuelans.

8:16 PM  

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