Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bolivian Election Links

Quiroga's Podemos present their government plan this week, so it should be here in short time. It is also interesting to note the inclusion of three letters directed to Hugo Chavez (under the link "En Defensa de Nuestra Soberania") protesting for his meddling in Bolivian internal issues. Is there any chance he got the message? It is also interesting to note that Quiroga's color (red) and symbol (a star) are often associated with communism. Perhaps he's hoping to gain the votes of a couple of confused leftists.

Morales' MAS also present their government plan to the CNE this week. In the meanwhile, you can read MAS' 10 points on which their programme will be based. It is also interesting to note the inflammatory rhetoric used by them. The web site itself is not very functional. On the topic of colors, MAS' is blue. This used to be the color of the Falange Socialista Boliviana, a fascist party that ceased to exist in the 80s.

Finally, Doria Medina's UN website has their government plan for some time now. Also includes issues of the party's newletter (in pdf) and a vocational test (?). The website is not very user-friendly, so prepare to have a lot of new windows open.
A UN-related website, where Doria Medina explain where all his money comes from and how much he will spend on his campaign is Dinero Limpio (Clean Money). It is also not very user-friendly, but it is a welcome move move on the issue of campaign funds. I would really be interested in knowing where Morales' funds come from.

All three websites are in Spanish, with MAS including some Aymara. It is also interesting to note that most Bolivians outside the cities do not have much access to the internet, and even if they had, it is doubtful they would visit these sites or base their vote on their content. For us Bolivians living outside, it is a welcome move.


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