Friday, February 10, 2006

More on the Constituent Assembly

Regarding the Constituent Assembly, Doria Medina's UN is the first opposition group to present a different law for the call of constituent assembly members. The move is intended to put a halt to Evo's notion of an assembly with 'unlimited power' that may end up extending his mandate. Thus, UN proposes that the new constitution be approved by absolute majority and, in case of modifying the length of the mandate and the clause on the reelection of officials, to be applied from the next constitutional period onwards. PODEMOS coincided with this vision and their senator Vasquez Villamor said that any changes should look into the future and should not favor any parties trying to take advantage in the short run. In a more radical tone, MNR MP Justiniano proposed that the new Constitution should define that any person should be allowed to be president only once, thus avoiding the reelection of elected officials and the candidacy of ex-presidents. Read it here.

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