Thursday, February 23, 2006

More on Evo's Double Standards

Evo has just demanded social groups in Bolivia not to be involved in strikes and road blockades. He pointed out that it is not the way. Please bear in mind that this comes from the guy who has paralized Bolivia on several ocassions in the last few years and has used fear tactics to win the election.

The article from La Prensa, reads:
El presidente Evo Morales demandó que los movimientos sociales no realicen paros ni huelgas. “No es el camino”, aseguró al referirse a que el incremeto salarial del siete por ciento destinado al magisterio no es negociable.

Somehow, talking about Evo's double standards reminds me of yesterday's news, which showed that Evo's plan against corruption is nepotism (here).

Each time I read the newspaper I get more alarmed of this guy's shamelessness.

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