Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Nobel Peace Prize comes with responsability, Mr. Perez Esquivel

In another interesting article in CADAL, Cuban Economist and Periodist Oscar Espinosa Chepe unmasks the Nobel Laureate as a two-faced activist. Read the following paragraph (in Spanish) to see Espinosa's point.
A diferencia de Carter, Usted ha visitado muchas veces Cuba, y como hemos visto por nuestra televisión se ha alojado en hoteles lujosos, donde a los cubanos no se nos permite la estancia. Usted ha sido testigo del apartheid existente en nuestro país, sin que nunca se haya atrevido a denunciar tan bochornoso estado de cosas. No se ha interesado por conocer la situación de la población, la falta de libertad imperante y la continuada violación de los derechos humanos. Por el contrario, en todos sus planteamientos se observa una completa sumisión al totalitarismo, soslayando su alta responsabilidad ante el mundo en su condición de Premio Nóbel de la Paz.
I wonder how is it possible for a regime known for its brutality keep on getting the support of allegedly intelligent and concerned people. Maybe it's because of the fact that too many people are so concerned with seeing GWB/the US fail, that they don't care how this is achieved. One clear example is the civil war in Iraq. So many anti-war bloggers just want to see the US/UK humiliated, that they actually are welcoming these horrible events.

In this well-written letter, Espinosa also notes that Perez Esquivel is quick to denounce Guantanamo and the death penalty in the US, while at the same time show the most expressive of silences when it comes to Cuba's gulags or fire squads.

Mr Perez Esquivel, that prize you hold comes with a certain responsibility, you know?

For a good, intelligent open letter, go here.

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Blogger La Ventanita said...

Hola Alvaro, I got to your site through one of my readers. While I don't know exactly your view on some topics as Bolivia, Venezuela and Cuba, I do laud you for your two past posts, this one and yesterday's.

Great posts!

10:59 PM  
Blogger Alvaro Ruiz-Navajas said...

Hola La Ventanita,
thanks for your kind comment here. About my view on Bolivia, Venezuela and Cuba, I think you can see the direction of my thoughts based on these two posts you liked.

I really despise Castro and always have. Somebody who does that to people shouldn't be admired or followed. I believe in freedom as the fundamental right of human beings. I guess that doesn't put by Fidel's side.
As for Chavez, well, what can you say about a guy who was become increasingly dictatorial and openly follows Castro's footsteps? Or Evo, who has been quoted praising democracy in Cuba???? Democracy!! In Cuba!!!

10:02 AM  
Blogger Patricia Lopez said...

Tu blog me parece muy interesante y ahora que tengo la direccion me dedicare a leerlo de vez en cuando. Te cuento que yo tambien tengo uno, y lo uso para escribir explicando cosas que pasan aqui o novedades de La Paz, asi que si te aburres, visitalo, jeje.

4:26 PM  
Blogger attentionplease said...

Alvaro! I recently represented Bolivia in a High School simulation of the United Nations. Your blog was most helpful in attaining the point of view Evo Morales might have on some of the agenda. I congradulate you on your humour and openess, even if I can't understand the Spanish. (but I'm working on it)

5:31 AM  

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