Monday, May 29, 2006

Bolizuela Confederation in sight

The last episode of Chavez' talkshow Alo Presidente was recorded in Bolivia (Tiawanaku) and included a glimpse into the dictator's first draft for the next Bolivian Constitution. According to Los Tiempos, Chavez said that at least 81% of the vote should support MAS, so that they can approve an
anti-neoliberal [constitution] that establishes a true republic, gives back the rights to the indigenous peoples, the children, renews the right to health, education, the right to dispose of our natural resources and, in sum, guarantees the right to life. It should also prohibit the privatization of hidracarbons (...).
First of all, our current constitution guarantees all of those rights. Then, it is interesting to notice he does not say anything about other rights... free speech, for example. And finally.... from an economic standpoint, an explicitly anti-neliberal constitution will be the deathknell for the Bolivian economy. Investment will dry up in a second and poverty will increase exponentially.

Chavez also accused -once again- the US of conspiracy against Evo and lent two helicopters for Morales use.

Bolivarian - Indoamerican Confederation
He also proposed the creation of a 'Patria Grande' under the name of Bolivarian - Indoamerican Confederation, which would unite Bolivia, Venezuela 'and others'. Obviously, no one else would want to get into it and it would be Bolivia and Venezuela. Each time I read the newspaper I see a new blow against democracy. Then again, perhaps I should stop worrying about Bolivian democracy and realize it has been dead ever since Carlos Mesa was ousted and the constitutional successor was not allowed to assume his mandate.

Amazing. Chavez is following Hitler's steps one by one, from the failed coup to the annexation of a territory... What now?

It is funny, in a way: Evo said (wrongly) that Melgarejo (a Bolivian president in the 1800s) gave all the Acre to Brazil region in exchange for two horses (in reality it was a war. Not that he cares much). Now he has given the entire country for two helicopters.

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Anonymous Evita Silva said...

Infelizmente, o sentimento das perdas territoriais (especialmente a da saída marítima) está historicamente entranhado no coração e nas mentes do povo boliviano.

3:59 AM  

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