Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Elections back on track

Yesterday, President Eduardo Rodriguez put and end to the congressional deadlock on seat redistribution. So, by passing decree 28429, Rodriguez changed the election date for December 18th, distributed the seats himself, based on "population and equity", and swore that a parliamentary struggle for seats is resolved in this way for "the only and last time".

According to this article of Cochabamba's newsrag Los Tiempos, six regions support the measure, while La Paz, Santa Cruz and Potosi have not made any comments yet. Also, the presidential candidates for Podemos, MAS, UN and MNR have all come forward to support the decree.

The new seat allocation is as follows:

La Paz goes from 31 to 29

Santa Cruz from 22 to 25

Cochabamba from 18 to 19

Potosí from 15 to 14

Oruro from 10 to 9

Chuquisaca 11 (unchanged)

Tarija 9 (unchanged)

Beni 9 (unchanged)

Pando 5 (unchanged)

Total Number of seats: 130

Update 1:
According to this article, Santa Cruz will not present any demands to the Constitutional Tribunal regarding the president's redistribution. Also, La Paz, Potosi, Oruro and Cochabamba accepted the redistribution and said that they are not interested in losing or gaining seats, that their main priority are the December 18 elections. Wait... WHAT?!?!?! Since when were elecions their priority???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your comments!
Do you think this will give more seats to people against Evo?

What kept you so long to continue your blog?

4:16 AM  
Blogger Alvaro Ruiz-Navajas said...

Sorry it took me so long to continue the blog, but I found nothing new to say about the issue of seat redistribution until Monday. Also, as elections where in doubt, anything I would have said about them would have been mere speculation, so I just preferred to keep quiet until the issue on seats was solved.

As for your question on seat redistribution and Evo, not knowing new opinon polls, but keeping everything else equal, yeah, I think Evo will lose some seats.

9:01 AM  

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