Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Musical Meme

Just read the Musical Meme from MABB, where he passes the ball to this blog. The idea, as I understand is to list the music I am listening to alphabetically. (Read MABB's Meme to get a better idea). I hope I got the idea, so here's my liszt:

a: Alan Parson's Project
a: Alice Cooper (limited to Welcome to my nightmare)
a: Andres Calamaro (up to Honestidad Brutal. I am not so keen on El Salmon)
b: Bach (JS)
b: Beethoven
b: Beatles
b: Alban Berg
c: The Clash
d: David Bowie (his 70s albums)
f: Franz Ferdinand
g: (Philip) Glass
g: Gorillaz
g: Green Day
h: Humperdinck (the german composer, not the singer)
j: Jethro Tull (almost exclusively Aqualung)
l: Led Zeppelin
l: Liszt
m: Manu Chao
m: Mozart
p: Pink FLoyd (just the Roger Waters period)
q: Queen
r: Radiohead
r: Rossini
s: Scissor Sisters
s: Soda Stereo
s: South Park: BLU soundtrack
s: Stravinsky
v: Vivaldi
w: Weber (Karl Maria, not the lame musical-writer. I'm talking Freischutz here)
w: The Who
z: Frank Zappa

To whom shall we pass this on? To Tuco in "The Economist en su laberinto"!


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