Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Evo's New Strategy

Now that the president has put a date on the elections, left-wing extremist Evo Morales has decided a new strategy. On the surface, he will be an advocate for democracy an the elections taking place. In fact, according to this article in La Prensa, Evo lamented the existence of such eagerness to prevent the elections from taking place. He also added that "we [MAS] will defend the democracy and continue standing by her side". Beneath that surface, Evo and MAS are boycotting the elections. According to this article in La Razon, two of MAS MPs are involved in a law suit against Rodiguez' decree, for unconstitutionality.
So, has Evo gone crazy? No, on the contrary, he has just found a great election strategy. Undecided voters are not going to reason "MAS MPs boycotted the election", but "the congress boycotted the election". As most MPs are from traditional parties, the more radical and anti-congress MAS turns, the more it will become, in their view, the only chance for change. So, he will use his MPs to stall the December 18 elections as much as possible, while tearing his clothes and lamenting how traditional-party MPs and oligarchs want to prevent him and the poor winning the elections.


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Yet, Evo is one of the wealthiest individuals around. I had a chance to fly next to him from Santa Cruz to Cochabamba. He threw a fit about the location of his first class seat (it didn't recline all the way back and was too close to coach seating), then he pulled out a top of the line laptop from a very nice briefcase, plugged in his PDA, paid for drinks with American Dollars, and before exiting the plane, put a little Bolivian flag handkerchief in his pants pocket as he greeted people expecting his arrival. Of course, he hopped into a beautiful, brand-spanking-new Landcruiser when he left the airport.

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