Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Maria Corina Machado Interview

The trial for Maria Corina Machado started a few days ago. She, of course, is a monster and, let's get this out of the way, she is guilty. She did receive the incredible amount of $31,000 from the US (I wonder how much Evo and Humala got from Chavez). She did try to improve the already weakened democratic institutions. She did act in accordance to a constitution designed to oppress. For those crimes against Venezuela and humanity at large, she must be tried. She's a traitor.

Read an interesting interview here. The interview dates from Monday, the same day the trial was set to start. Among other things, she notes the intimidation mechanisms used by Chavez and his thugs to get their way. It is good to know she knows her stuff. She also notes that, while Chavez has gotten $20 billion out of an impoverished Venezuela, she is being tried for doing something that is not punishable by law -namely receiving international cooperation.

The hopes of a nation lie with Maria.

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