Friday, April 14, 2006

Garcia Asks to Nullify the Expatriate's Votes

Alan Garcia's party has formally asked to the Special Electoral Jury (JEE) to nullify the votes fo Peruvians living in Miami and Madrid. Both requests would be attended between today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday). JEE members will vote to decide the veredict.
The request follows alleged irregularities in the aforementioned cities. APRA alleges that Lourdes Flores' party was giving flyers and other propaganda, including telephone cards with Flores' picture on them, in Kendall's college campus, where the Miami election took place.
Regarding Madrid, APRA said that about 40% of those registered to vote didn't and cite the lack of organization as the reason.
Unidad Nacional points out that nothing happened in Miami and that this is just part of Garcia's attempt to get to the second round.
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