Thursday, June 15, 2006

Evo Against the Empire

During a Che Guevara celebration, Evo said that he was willing to take arms in order to defend himself, Cuba and Venezuela from the empire. According to La Razon, he said
It is not the people that rises against the empire anymore. What we are having
is the empire rising against the people. And, if it did so in Cuba, Venezuela,
in Bolivia we are willing to face and defend, also with arms, the motherland,
the natural resources, and those social transformations. (sic)

He also said that some 10 years ago he said that in time there would not be only one Cuba, but several. He said that he was not wrong, and that now we have two commanders of the freedom forces of America [Fidel and Chavez].

Ok. So, let's start in the beginning. What was Evo doing celebrating Che Guevara? Che Guevara was nothing but an assassin and a tyrant. I know that Che Guevara followers always say that he died for his ideals and that that is always very commendable. But in reality, what he did was more like kill for his ideals. And were we to stick to history and not to the romantic notion of Motorcycle Diaries and the like, we have in Che Guevara a foremost example of human garbage (read about the real Che here). So, the fact that Evo was celebrating him already says much. Also, people who follow what is going on in Bolivia should not really be surprised about Evo just replicating Chavez's rethoric. He has followed in whatever his master has dictated, what's wrong with yet another one? The US probably has not even heard about this. Plus, we know where at least some part of the 100.000 AK-47s will end up.

What worries me about this celebration is not Che or Evo following his master's voice. Perhaps we should have seen that coming. What worries me is the fact that Evo defiantly implied that he wants to create a new Cuba in Bolivia. And the fact he will probably get armed up to the teeth. Everything indicates that this tale will not have a happy ending. I wrote about a month ago that
Future generations of Bolivians, when MAS is (hopefully) long gone, will judge us and unanimously agree our stupidity. After all, we have had all possible warnings. We have seen what happened in Venezuela and we can be sure Evo is nothing but a puppet. We could also have resorted to our own history, when decades of dictatorships and left-wing governments destroyed the country's economic apparatus. But no, we did not hear anything, we remembered nothing. Lame excuses will probably mushroom all over the place -"we didn't know", "we didn't think it would be like this", etc. But do not get confused. Evo never hid his intentions. We knew. We just chose to look the other way until it was too late.

And it is already too late.

PS: Told you so.

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Anonymous lita said...

They hear, they know, they remember, but they do not seem to care. For venezuelans, it is already too late. They will have to pick up the pieces and start all over again until the next dictatorship. This is the curse of Latin America as a whole.

It's been like this for centuries and it's not going to change.

1:06 PM  
Blogger Alvaro Ruiz-Navajas said...

Hey lita,
I think it is too late for Bolivians as well. I cannot believe what is going on.

4:37 PM  
Blogger m.a.q.u.e.v said...

Hey.. please read this blog about the "empire".

And remember..."the force be with you"


7:08 PM  
Blogger Boli-Nica said...

Che is popular to many Latin Americans because of the "Quijote Complex". People are suckers for someone who is personally brave, lays down his life for his abolutist view of the truth - no matter how absurd or how many people he kills.

The other thing is, why is Evo celebrating an "invader"??? It has been almost a dogma among many Bolivians - ith the ocean obsession - that Che Guevara was a foreigner, acting in concert with foreign powers invading Bolivian soveirgnity.
I once heard a Bolivian leftist (in exile of all places) get pissed because someone suggested that the CIA killed Che. They quickly corrected them by saying it was THE BOLIVIAN ARMY that killed Che.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Samboma said...

It is good to see that the people of Latin America are gradually rising up to the challenge posed by the imperialist behemoth to the north.

I can just imagine the board oil junkies wetting their pants at the prospect of the whole region becoming a hive of "communist" states. Very scary!

6:36 PM  

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