Wednesday, November 30, 2005

On Jose Luis Paredes

Jose Luis Paredes, a candidate for La Paz prefect with Podemos, has come out as the embodiment of the worst in Bolivian politics.

After starting with the political party MIR, Paredes went on to establish his own Plan Progreso, but he soon switched to Doria Medina's Unidad Nacional, only to leave him hanging in the air for Podemos. The last change came hours before candidates were to be registered in the corte Nacional Electoral. Without anything even related to ethics, Jose Luis Paredes showed that the important thing for him was to get the job, regardless of the means.
Now, in his latest action (read it here) he has once again kicked his constituents in the teeth by criticizing Tuto and searching for an alliance with Evo Morales. His twisted rationale seems to show an eagerness to be on good terms with whoever gets elected as president. He has been even encouraging people to use crossed voting (to vote for him as prefect but for Evo as president).

According to him, the only reason why he pronounced his support to Evo is because Tuto is damaging the campaign by dividing the voters. But, the question is, couldn't he have said so directly to Quiroga? No, of course not. Why? Is it, perhaps, because it is easier to be corrupt when you have a friendly watchman looking over your shoulder? Is it because the only thing guys like him care about is the cheque at the end of the month? It's anybody's guess. Answers below, please.

On the bright side, Evo has dismissed the call from Paredes, telling the media that he would never agree on a pact with him. So, Paredes has been left cold. Take note, this is the first time I am actually happy Morales acted the way he did. He even asked what is on my mind now: What authority, what ethics can Jose Luis Paredes have in order to make politics? What kind of person is this? He also revealed that Paredes already approached him before leaving UN for Podemos.

Anyway, the filthy mercenary should not be too worried. Podemos has already ratified him as prefectural candidate. Why? The most pragmatic answer may point to the fact that Podemos has already withdrawn the candidacy of two prefects (in Santa Cruz and Cochabamba) and don't want to lose the only one left in the central axis. Also, everything indicates that he is still Podemos (?) best chance of winning the prefecture in La PAz.

I sincerely hope this imbecile does not get elected. First, because he has showed his true colors. He has no intention of standing against Evo Morales as he is not really a Podemos but his own candidate. He will be swift to kiss Morales' ass the first chance he gets. Second, because even if some voters are tired of Quiroga's attacks on Morales, it will be far more damaging knowing that he is not even able to control his own party and becasue it shows that some candidates for Podemos are nothing but filthy, intriguing politicians, ready to do whatever is necessary to get to power.

One more person to the list of people who make me want to throw up.

Update: Jose Luis Paredes has ratified his loyalty to Quiroga anda criticized Morales for not acceding to his plea. After Morales' reaction, this was to be expected. He really, REALLY wants to be elected, see? Read it here.


Anonymous eduardo said...

Yes, that was quite odd. He should have just remained with his Plan Progreso party and remain an independent. If he chose to join PODEMOS, which probably included some financial help for his campaign, then he should have stayed put.

3:48 AM  

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