Monday, December 05, 2005

214 Years Ago

On December 5th, 1791 an incident that has been described by some as the most tragic event in mankind's art history took place: the death of Wolfgang Mozart.
Mozart died because of what is thought to be miliary fever, but that did not stop several, often romantic legends growing around it: that of the messenger in grey, who comissioned a requiem mass for Mozart's own funeral; that of freemasons killing him because of Die Zauberflöte and, obvioulsy, the one made famous in the movie Amadeus, which many filmgoers errouneously think of as an accurate biopic, that states that court composer Antonio Salieri killed him, to name a few. A friend of mine believes in the unorthodox theory that Mozart had to die, because the world could not have had Mozart and Beethoven as contemporaries.
Whatever the truth may be, 214 years ago mankind was deprived of one of history's few true geniuses.


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A sad day indeed.

You may be interested in my biography of Antonio Salieri that I have posted on my blog.

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