Monday, December 05, 2005

Update on MAS' coup threat

Last week, I wrote on the possibility that MAS were already going for the coup. As many people and parties grew concerned, president Rodriguez started to investigate what was behind the claims, only to find Evo Morales accusing him of taking sides and making campaign for Quiroga.
What sickens me about this matter is that he was not so quick to deny Venezuelan interference, and still has to pronounce his position on Brazil's and Argentina's meddling. Yet, when the president of the country he wants to run initiates action to protect democracy, he is taking sides. Would this have happened/cuold Morales accuse Rodriguez of taking sides, if it were not because a Senator in his own party publicly talked about these plans? Of course not. It seems to me that Morales wants to boost his vote by having someone who is supposed to be neutral go against him. After all, it worked miracles last election when the US embassy took sides with MNR, no?

It is also extremely interesting noticing that the "Democracy" Center has not uttered a single word in this respect. Every reader of the center's blog is aware of its writer's biases and preferences, but you would expect an NGO called DEMOCRACY Center to at least express its concern.


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