Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Opposition Disintegrating

Five days before registration for the CA ends, Podemos is fighting for its survival. Podemos is the second political force in Bolivia, after Evo's MAS, and is an umbrella of nearly one hundred political groups. The organization is registered by the citizen's groups Alianza Siglo XXI (21st Century Alliance, ASXXI), which is at the centre of it all. In fact, presidential candidate Tuto Quiroga is suposed to be a member of ASXXI. Also, this means that Podemos' colours and symbols are property of ASXXI.

Well, it seems that since the December elections, Podemos has suffered several desertions, among which is ADN, the former Tuto vehicle. Now, it seems that ASXXI has had it with Quiroga and is considering parting ways. Members of ASXXI expressed their dissatisfaction with the way things were conducted. One of the reasons is that, while Podemos was supposed to be about a new beginning, it were the same old people that ended up in the decision-making posts. That led to a feeling of exclusion for the people who started ASXXI, which presumably was the cause for the resignation of a former candidate for Senator. Therefore, Podemos (ASXXI) is considering getting rid of all this political debris for the Constituent Assembly.

This would not be an easy ride for anybody. First, we have Tuto & Co., who would be left in the cold, without a party. Then, for ASXXII, which probably would end up devoid of funds. And finally, Evo would probably get more and more constituents and an extra 26 years in power.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bolivia's worst nightmare is now becoming realty. Evo's administration or should I say Chavez/Castro policies are in full swing. The consolidation of power is taking form. Bolivia is on a course to isolate itself from the free world. Already international flights are grounded and oil negotiations are simply a joke. I can't believe Andrés Soliz Rada was appointed to lead this negotiations. His rhetoric is comparable to Chavez. Incredible!!!

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