Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Interview with Ollanta Humala

Argentina's newspaper Pagina/12 has published an interview with candidate Ollanta Humala. It is interesting to note that while Humala speaks far better than your average populist, Chavez-would-be candidate, the ideas still remain. Specially enlightening is his answer about a potential Lourdes Flores government. "I believe it would be very difficult that Lourdes Flores gets to finish a year in power", he says. His role then would be in the "democratic opposition", he adds. Among other familiar points, he wants to revise the contracts of energy companies, industrialize coca and nationalize natural resources.

It is also interesting to note that Humala does not consider himself as being either leftist or rightist. The lack of a proposal beyond the abovementioned points and a -you probably guessed by now- Constituent Assembly may be the cause.

Not surprisingly, he denies abuses against human rights and intentions of becoming an authoritarian ruler.

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