Sunday, April 30, 2006

Morales' TCP, Part III

Yesterday, Evo signed the TCP and ALBA with Venezuela and Cuba. Of course, he hailed this deal as the way of bringing Bolivia out of its misery, but with dignity and sovereignity. Exactly how things will improve with a trade deal with a country that bought $5000 of Bolivian production in a year, is anybody's guess.

However, the consequences of not signing a trade deal with the US will cause more harm than Evo can imagine. According to this article, if Bolivia does not agree a trade deal with the US, 80,000 jobs and 250,000 people will be affected. While people may still buy Evo's demagoguery and think Fidel is a democrat and the US nothing but an evil empire, once their livelihoods are affected, they will not care much about it anyway. Given that in the past month Evo has seen his approval ratings drop by 12%, if the analysis is true, the situation could develop into a major crisis.

To all this, one question remains... where is the opposition?

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