Monday, April 24, 2006

The Puppet and the Puppeteer

On the one hand, you have Venezuelan President Chavez saying that "the empire's hand is behind the current chaos in Bolivia". On the other you have Bolivian President Evo saying that the US gave Fidel Castro a honeymoon period of 2 years 3 moths and to Chavez a similar 2-year one. But the, the US has decided not to give him the same grace period, because he believes that "they simply do not stand us". Why? "It's discrimination". Read it here.

Can't Evo notice he is just an inefficient president with no idea of public administration? Of course not. Because that it not the case... everything that happens in his administration is the oligarch's, the empire's or the crucenhos' fault, not his. He is just a poor indian person trying to make a difference in a society dominated by the rich and white, see?

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