Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Puppet and Puppeteer, Part II: The Death of CAN

The extent to which Evo is dominated by Chavez is already getting out of control. Everything that has happened in the Andean Community (CAN) in the last week is nothing but a hopeless intent of getting two countries out of a benefitial trade deal with the US and bring them back to Venezuela's clutches. Let's take a look to the timeline of events:

April 20th: Hugo Chavez says that CAN is dead and that Venezuela will leave the deal. Evo Morales supports him.

April 21st: CAN Secretary asks for serenity until Chavez's intentions are clear. Exporters in Bolivia ask Evo to look for their markets (worth $500+ million) and Bolivian interests and not for Chavez's.

April 22nd: Chavez announces that Venezuela is officially leaving CAN. Bolivian Foreign Minister says that Bolivia will try to save the CAN and propose a meeting of presidents.

April 23rd: Evo follows Chavez's discourse and denounces Alvaro Uribe and Alejandro Toledo. He says that he understood how Uribe could sign an FTA, because he is an oligarch, but that Toledo has betrayed indigenous people in Peru and Latin America by agreeing with the empire.

April 24th: Peru, Colombia and CAN secretary Wagner say that Evo does not have a clue about what he is saying. Venezuela hears Bolivia's lament and is moved, so it proposes to go back to the CAN iff Peru and Colombia annul their FTAs with the US. Bolivian exporters ask Evo not to be Chavez's useful idiot.

What is clear is that the chain of events that started on April 20th is nothing but an act devised to coerce two countries out of the FTA. Nothing more. Chavez and Evo are nothing but brutish thugs who are unfit to start a civilized dialogue with other nations. They have to use coercion because there is no way anybody would listen to them without it. And, obviously, Evo's discourse about sovereign countries does not apply when Venezuela is the one interfering. Evo is nothing but the worst kind of demagogue.

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