Friday, January 12, 2007

Evo Morales on the Conflicts

Evo has finally returned from his trip to Nicaragua. Bolivian Blog Plan B (in Spanish) reports that he has made a statement to Bolivia on the conflcits. Plan B makes a summary of what Evo said and what he did not say. The following is a translation of Plan B's post for those who do not understand Spanish:

What Evo said:
  • Manfred Reyes is responsible for what happened.
  • He accuses the Governor for trying to hold an autonomy referendum.
  • Evo assures that the government will guarantee the security of the people.
  • Evo condemned the violence "of those we know".
  • Evo defined yesterday's conflict as racially motivated.
  • He calls "his comrades" to peace.
  • He states that dialogue is always open.
  • Evo calls "his brothers and sisters" to a new meeting, in order to get to know what the people (i.e. his supporters) want.
  • Evo also asks the social movements (aligned with him) to respect the constitution.
What Evo didn't say
  • He was silent about the deaths or the wounded. He did not say he is mourning the victims.
  • He wants peace to return.
  • He did not take the initiave to meet with the opposition.
  • Evo did not condemn violence from both sides. He just condemned violence arising from those not aligned with his platform.
  • Evo did not say that he is responsible for the actions of the cocaleros, although he is the president of their federation and it was them who started the violence and who have been blocking the roads for the past 5 days.
  • He was silent about reported cocalero agressions against the press.
  • He was silent about the citizen's effort to help those in need by donating blood, medicines or food.

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